A while ago we’ve been working on one of those briefs that are mainly exciting because they’re so open. So the strategy team went to work. We took apart the brief, scrutinised it, and reassembled it. All with the good intention of bringing some clarity to the task. …

One theme, nine things

There are few topics that are as relevant for ambitious strategists as personal growth. It’s a topic that never gets old. Unsurprisingly, in a discipline that is only vaguely defined, there are hardly any frameworks for personal growth that are widely available. Every agency handles growth differently — and, to…

Today is the day. Apparently. October 21, 2015.
I have to admit, I never been much into this #backtothefuture hype.
But other people are. Lots of them.
It’s a significant part of (geek/nerd) culture.
That’s why brands are, too.

Tagesschau, one of Germany’s most prestigious, traditional, conservative, and credible news services found a way to tap into this conversation.
Today they released this video (sorry, German only.) A regular news broadcast with the news from 21/10/2015 — as depictured in the film.
I think, this is a great lesson how to tap into a cultural conversation as a brand while staying true to your core.



A few days ago I attended a panel discussion/interview with Juliane Leopold, founding editor of BuzzFeed Germany, at betahaus Hamburg. She talked about how everything started, how she set up the team, how BuzzFeed wants to be political and opinionated, etc.

All of this wasn’t really surprising until the moment…

These are the last hours of 2014.

Time for a very short review:
2014 was a year almost like any other.

A lot of work.
A lot of learning.
A lot of torn ligaments in my knee.

A lot of burgers.
And a lot of champagne.

Happy new year.

Maximilian Weigl

Artificia docuit fames. / Deputy Executive Strategy Director at 72andsunny Amsterdam.

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